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Welcome to WrapStyle Graphics Sydney

Whether you are on two wheels or four, on the water or looking for striking and effective vehicle signage we are Sydney's premium styling, signage and design house.

Drawing from 30 years experience in the industry both in Europe and Australia we can create your vision or help an existing vision come into focus with our experience and passion for what we do. Through associations with the very best in the world we have access to literally thousands of previous projects that could inspire you while at the same time giving you confidence that we are at the utting edge of technology and knowledge when it comes to working on your car.

There is real skill in wrapping a vehicle, if you've ever gift wrapped an oddly shaped present then you'll know what we're talking about. And to make your advertising message resonate with potential clients is an experienced skill.

Services Overview

Custom Vehicle Wraps
Custom Vehicle Wraps

Welcome to WrapStyle Graphics and Car Styling. Let's just take a moment to ponder that last statement. Car Styling. It wasn't that long ago that your only options when buying a car were the six or seven colours that the manufacturer offered and what was in stock at the dealership. Times have changed, nowadays you can style your car much like an interior designer might style your home. Manufacturers are offering an ever increasing options list for colours, whells and trim, but can they offer you 500 different colour and finish options? And that's just the start, at WrapStyle we can style your vehicle, inside and out and make it truly a one of a kind.

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Vehicle Signage

At WrapStyle we specialise in striking and highly effective vehicle signage for your business. Single or fleet vehicles can be wrapped in signage to provide a 24/7 mobile billboard that is proven to be the most effective way of advertising your business. Simple business names stuck on the side of a vehicle are not enough these days. Think of all that square meterage on your vans, trucks, utes or cars, now imagine it covered in graphics, logos and images that portray your business while you work, park, drive or even take the kids to footy training on Thursday night? Don't waste any opportunity to promote your business through vehicle signage!

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Marine Wraps and Signage
Marine Wraps & Signage

Boat interiors are a very bespoke environment created by true craftsmen. But the exteriors have less free reign due to the elements they are exposed to and are generally white. That doesn't mean that you are stuck with that colour. At WrapStyle we have marine grade vinyl in the same vast range of colours and finishes. Express your creativity on the water, stand out in the marina.

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Motorcycle Wrap and Decals
Motorcycle Wrap & Decals

Motorcycle's graphics are a very bold statement and need to be approached with an experienced eye for detail and flow. Surface area is limited, curves abound and multiple surfaces, alloys and composite materials join to form a machine with a single purpose – movement and speed. At WrapStyle we relish in the challenge of making your superbike or cruiser turn heads even when it's standing still.

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WrapStyle Sydney is the premium car styling company in Australia, drawing from a global network of associations alongside a highly skilled in house design team. Your car, your style, WrapStyle.

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